Xank Blockchain

Project Introduction

Blockchain technology enables ambitious projects like Xank to fulfill their purpose. Xank is a free-floating cryptocurrency that serves as a fast, stable cryptocurrency that can be used for microtransactions, payments, and remittances.

Building a blockchain network from scratch is no easy task. From whitepaper development to tokenomics to token creation, Deficent and Xank have been making great strides in our journey towards mainnet launch.

ClientXank Holdings OÜ
SkillsBlockchain, Mainnet

Our Journey

Xank envisions a decentralized world in which people have true financial freedom, which can only be attained when the following four features are realized: decentralization, price stability, scalability, and privacy. These four pillars are collectively called the “cryptocurrency quadrilemma” due to the difficulty of implementing all four features within one network. Xank sets out to be the first blockchain to solve this puzzle and usher in an era of true decentralized finance.

Xank’s unique features include a decentralized and self-funding Reserve, coin issuance, masternode voting, meritocratic governance, and a treasury for funding projects for humanity. These seemingly disparate features must work hand in hand to maintain a healthy and stable network. Deficent and Xank are conducting research on different technologies for blockchain development, crunching numbers for tokenomics, and running stress tests as we lay the foundations for the main network.

Technology Made Simple

Blockchain technology appears to be daunting and somewhat abstract, especially for the average Joe. It is for this reason that Deficent puts heavy emphasis on making Xank easy to use for everyone. We understand that the entry barrier must be low for users to adopt Xank, so we’ve set out on a mission to designing a clean and intuitive user interface for Xank’s future applications, including Xank’s block explorer, staking wallet, and voting terminal.


Developing a fully-functional blockchain that is technologically sound yet easy to use is a challenging task, especially when there are so many moving parts that must be perfected individually and as a whole. Deficent took on the challenge to build this next-generation blockchain.


While the Xank blockchain is a work-in-progress, we’ve build a rock solid plan that comes in phases. We are currently past the planning phase (whitepaper development, token issuance, exchange listing) and are entering the blockchain development stage. Deficent and Xank have made great leaps forward together and are on track to completing the alpha launch of the main network in 2021.

Client's Feedback

“Blockchain experts are hard to find in this space. The Deficent team is a group of talented individuals who not only know how to invent software, but they are also experienced in building blockchain applications.”