Woongjin Compass

Project Information

Digital transformation, digitization, and digital disruption are some of the most popular buzzwords today, and there is a good reason for that – digital transformation solutions can help businesses achieve revenue growth. Deficent partnered with Woongjin Compass, a textbook publishing company, to digitize its offline content into interactive online games and programs to boost user acquisition, user activity and revenue.

ClientWoongjin Compass Co. Ltd.
SkillsDigital Transformation



Our first steps are to review the company’s needs and come up with a detailed plan and roadmap.



Data speaks truth. We analyze the company’s numbers to discover how we can improve their key metrics in the most efficient and effective ways possible.


Take Action

Once planning and analysis is complete, we move forward with our plan, consistently communicating with our client.


Digital transformation has pushed industries to embrace change and innovation. One such industry that has been heavily affected is the publishing sector, which has seen a decrease in the consumption of offline content (books, magazines, etc.) over the years. Woongjin Compass faced the same dilemma and was seeking ways to not only prevent loss, but also generate revenue in the midst of a shifting landscape.


Deficent proposed an offline to online transition for Woongjin, whose business was predominantly centered around physical books. By collaborating with Deficent to develop an online interactive platform, Woongjin was able to introduce interactive digital educational programs for young computer users. Through its newly launched online services, Woongjin Compass saw an increase in user numbers and revenue.

  • Development of user-friendly online interactive services
  • Growth in user numbers and user activity as well as revenue
  • Successful case of digital transformation from offline to online

Client’s Feedback

“Deficent came up with a way for us to adapt to a changing technological landscape. We are thrilled to have worked with them to bring our users online, and that has been the impetus for our further expansion. If you want to succeed in digital transformation, you can go to Deficent.”