Xank Wallet

Project Information

There are many blockchain and cryptocurrency wallets, but Xank wanted something more to bring people into the cryptocurrency universe. Deficent joined hands with Xank to reinvent the crypto wallet to include a shopping feature. Together, we developed a cashback wallet that rewards people with bitcoin and Xank when they shop at partnered stores. Unlike other wallets, Xank’s service allows users to shop and keep track of the price movements of their cashback rewards.

ClientXank Korea Co. Ltd.
SkillsBlockchain, AI



Our first steps are to review the company’s needs and come up with a detailed plan and roadmap.



Data speaks truth. We analyze the company’s numbers to discover how we can improve their key metrics in the most efficient and effective ways possible.


Take Action

Once planning and analysis is complete, we move forward with our plan, consistently communicating with our client.


The challenge was not in developing a wallet – it was to differentiate the Xank wallet from competitors who have been in the space for quite a while. Replicating an existing wallet model will not do the trick in today’s tech scene, especially when numerous startups are being born daily. We had to devise a new business model to onboard users.


Deficent concocted the plan to add a cashback shopping feature to Xank’s wallet. Users of the Xank wallet can now receive cashback in the form of bitcoin and Xank when they shop online, and they also can keep track of the performance of their cashback assets in a wallet tab on the Xank website. In this way, Deficent combined shopping with portfolio management to reinvent the way cryptocurrency wallets work.

Client's Feedback

“Deficent is not just a software developing company. The team there sits down and dives deep into your business to come up with creative solutions. We were stuck with our ideas, but Deficent helped us to think outside the box and discover new opportunities.”